To be continued…

Most of the people only exist ~ they are truely no human livings~ see Oscar Wilde

Our world is so beautiful:

Dublin, Vienna, Sarajevo, Split, Berlin, Hamburg, Dubai, Prague, Copenhagen, Lübeck, Madrid, Barcelona, München, Strasbourg, Nancy, Winterthur, Salisburgo (Salzburg), Frankenthal, Stuttgart, Milano, Bolzano, Bressanone, Merano, Silandro („Schlanders ist anders“), London, HongKong, Erbstetten :-):-):-)


The beginning

in the beginning there was the word –

and the word was everything –

it was shining bright like a diamond-

it warmed the mankind –

Adama (hebr. für Erde) und hEva were –

the snake was inspired by HaTe

but LoVe is stronger than HaTe#

very very ~ very very strong

strong like a hurricane ///////   strong like the open sea